SentriO Oxy™ Oxygenator

Available in Fall 2022, SentriO Oxy™ is a patent-pending breakthrough oxygenation mask system that uniquely:

[1] Provides ultra-high oxygenation even on low-flow (5-10 LPM) oxygen and without need for costly equipment. Compared to HFNC (High Flow Nasal Cannula) at 60 LPM (liters per minute) flow, SentriO Oxy™ delivers comparable or better results, while saving up to 83% of oxygen consumption (86,400 liters/day of oxygen on HFNC vs. 14,400 liters/day or less on SentriO Oxy™). SentriO therefore enables ICU-level oxygenation even at home, using a 10L oxygen concentrator.

[2] Protects hypoxic COVID patients early in the infection with high oxygenation—at HOME –to prevent multi-organ damage. While other devices require much higher oxygen flow than can be provided by home oxygen concentrators, SentriO accomplishes this with ease on low flow oxygen in the comfort of home.

[3] Preventing COVID complications preserves health and quality of life, and helps to avert the full brunt of $8.5 trillion in projected rehabilitation costs. Aside from vaccines which have been proven effective in prophylaxis against severe complications, SentriO Oxy™ is the next best solution for maintaining vital oxygenation.

[4] Enables the capture of “Acute Hospital Care at Home” revenue from CMS for COVID patients, not previously available due to other equipment’s need for higher flow oxygen.

[5] Saves over 90% of cost of daily hospitalization —not possible with Pulmodyne™, Flow-Safe™, Helmet ventilator, Optiflow™, Vapotherm™ or any ventilator, which all require higher oxygen flow than can be provided at home.

[6] Alleviates hospital overcrowding and exhausting burden on staff. As of Sept. 2021, over over 3,600 health workers have died from contracting COVID on the job. According to the Dept. of Labor, a record 598,000 quit just in the month of November 2021, the 6th consecutive month of resignations above 500,000. Travel ICU nurses cost $10,000 per week —IF hospitals can even find them.

[7] Delivering better care for less at substantial savings to hospitals. Safe and simple to use device can be self-applied by a patient or an untrained family member.

[8] SentriO Oxy™ can be used in a wide range of settings from a home to a long-term care facility, to a hospital to an ICU. When used in a home setting, the oxygen source can be an oxygen generator capable of 5-10 LPM continuous flow. It generates from room air an endless amount of 93% (± 3%) oxygen.

Considering the more than 967,000 deaths in the U.S. (as of Mar. 17, 2022), the looming $8.5 trillion treatment and rehabilitation cost for post-COVID complications, the severe and costly suffering of developing nations in having to rely on tank oxygen that costs 10X as much as liquid oxygen and is difficult and unreliable to procure, it is an opportune time that the SentriO Oxy™ is becoming available starting in February 2022.

Consider this typical clinical scenario of oxygenation performance of HFNC compared to the SentriO Oxy™:

From both the health economics and human suffering perspectives, it is imperative that this effective device be widely adopted as expeditiously as possible. This precision device is complicated to manufacture and HealOMed is working diligently to increase production capacity in order to meet the demands for this high-value lifesaving and protective device.

It is useful not just for COVID hypoxia, but hypoxia from any cardiopulmonary condition, including:

The SentriO Oxy™ provides patients with severe end-stage cardiopulmonary diseases and hospice patients a higher quality of life.