Breakthrough Advances in Patient-Centric Wound Care

HealO Medical® is a closely held, private company headquartered in Sarasota, Florida with subsidiaries operating in three international locations.

In 2011, HealO's O-ACE-Sys™ technology was the highest winning biomedical project in the North American Entrepreneurial competition held in Silicon Valley (out of 185 competitors).

In July 2012, following an international competition of global scientists and scholars, HealO’s founder, Dr. Edward Lin, won a top-level Leading Pioneer Award of $1.5 million for his wound care technologies.

Dr. Lin was awarded U.S. Patent 8,708,982, “A method and apparatus for protecting and treating wounds”, on 4/29/14 with term expiring in 2031. A second US patent, 9,925,361, issued in March 2018. EPO (European) patent EP1901686B1 (DE, FR, UK) and China patent 201010139947.2 have also been issued. Multiple patents are due for issue imminently in early 2021, with more pending.

We invite accredited investors interested in strong returns and social good to join and support us in our quest to alleviate suffering of wound patients. Please contact us to learn more.