The Next Generation in Advanced Wound Care.

The O-ACE-Sys® platform employs a lightweight, portable control platform that delivers programmable, therapeutic cycles of expansile negative pressure wound therapy (eNPWT™) and smart topical pressurized oxygen (sTPO™). O-ACE-Sys also powers a variety of innovative wound interfaces under development.

The O-ACE-Sys platform features a clearview healing chamber that is placed over the wound, serving as a transparent dressing substitute. The chamber eliminates the tedium, pain and disruption of granulation tissue associated with traditional dressing changes.


The platform delivers pulsed, pressurized oxygen to resuscitate hypoxic, chronic wound tissue.

The innovative and proprietary platform is capable of adding six to eight hours a day of beneficial therapies without taking away a minute of primary therapy.

The platform incorporates multiple ports enabling the efficient evacuation of exudate combined with the programmable delivery of enzymatic, analgesic and antibiotic lavage, oxygen, and advanced therapeutics.

The platform provides an optimized, controlled, micro-environment for the incubation of high-value, bioengineered materials (tissue grafts, growth factors, stem cells, etc.).