HealO Medical® creates innovative products to solve the unmet needs of our society.

Chronic wounds are a serious problem that affects 6.5 million Americans and costs over $50 billion a year in the United States alone. The more than 50 million annual in-patient surgical procedures as well as out-patient surgical procedures are at risk of developing SSI (surgical site infections) which cost $10 billion in uncompensated care annually. SSI is the third most costly type of healthcare-acquired infection (HAI) with an estimated cost of $20,785 per patient case. With the rising costs of healthcare, the importance of affordable, infection-free healing through improved technologies becomes even more compelling. Since its founding in 2009, HealO has developed and patented a range of game-changing wound care technologies, including advanced wound therapies under the O-ACE-Sys® platform, control modules and dressings such as the ClearHeal® and BeneHeal®.

As the SARS-Cov-2 coronavirus continues to spread, HealO Medical® has developed techologies that can help.

Early in the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Lin anticipated ventilators are complicated devices that would be difficult for many physicians to manage and difficult for most patients to tolerate. The forced ventilation not only can cause barotrauma on the COVID patients’ already inflamed and friable lung tissues, they are also likely to cause hemodynamic disturbances and other deleterious side effects. Dr. Lin then set out to create a mask system that would not require high oxygen flow, yet could deliver ultra-high oxygenation deep into the lungs of spontaneously breathing patients. COVID patients with low oxygen saturation could then be treated early at home or in a regular hospital bed and recover with a high margin of safety and hopefully avoid serious sequelae. The result is the SentriO Oxy™ mask system which has a proprietary valve system to preferentially deliver pure or near-pure oxygen preferentially into the alveolar region of the lungs. This design is proving to be prescient and timely as COVID-19 cases surge across the U.S., overwhelming the healthcare system and threatening even the adequacy of oxygen supply and line pressures.

The newly available vaccines against the COVID-19 pandemic give hope that the pandemic can be brought under control quickly. However, the likelihood of continued viral mutations, immunity of uncertain degree and duration, and significant resistance to being vaccinated, all serve to delay or thwart the needed vaccination goal of 80% of population to achieve herd immunity.

And while vaccines can prevent future infections, they unfortunately, cannot treat them. In the U.S., 66 million remain at risk of developing serious hypoxia-related complications and death. For those who recover, the long-term cardiopulmonary, cerebral vascular, neuromuscular and other rehabilitations are daunting and costly. In the U.S. alone, the cost of the COVID-19 pandemic is estimated by Harvard economists to cost $16 trillion, with $8.5 trillion for various long term health impairment. Healthcare facilities have repeatedly been stressed to their limits with patients unable to find hospital beds or needed care. HealO’s SentriO Oxy™ is a timely solution that will improve the oxygen saturation of hypoxic patients at a tiny fraction of the cost of hospitalization and relief the stress on healthcare facilities and providers. The SentriO was given the go-ahead to market by the FDA on December 23, 2020.